Four Reasons Why We Must Restore Love to Its Pre-Pandemic Importance in Our Lives

We have experienced more change in the last four years than most of us have gone through our entire lives. While some of these changes are positive, most are negative. You may not even be aware of some of those negative effects. One such consequence is how we look at love.

Loneliness and Isolation

Stay home. Isolate yourself from the possibility of coming in contact with the virus. These were the words we heard daily. Government and business reinforced this mandate by advocating working from home. As we isolated ourselves from social contact, we began to develop feelings of loneliness and alienation. Such feelings can cause heartache and despair. We are social creatures. We need social interaction, companionship between friends, and the feel-good chemicals of physical touch.

Strengthening Our Relationships

Love is at the core of our relationships, whether they be romantic, friendly, or just plain daily connection. When we practice love for others, we build stronger and healthier bonds. Hearty relationships help us weather the storms of challenge and adversity better. Restoring healthy love supports family stability and a nurturing environment.

Fostering Mental and Physical Health

Through love, we experience less stress, have better cardiovascular health, and increase happiness. When we actively work to restore love, we build resilience that helps us face the problems of modern life.

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Love gives us purpose. We are motivated to work toward fulfillment in all areas of our lives. We live life with passion and a sense of direction. This upward emphasis helps us grow. Two important components of a higher EQ are empathy and compassion. We need love to build these important traits within ourselves. Thus, our ability to guide our emotions grows, and we become better human beings.

The pandemic put a wedge between us and our ability to flourish in love. If we want to blossom and live our best lives, we must make love a priority once again.

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