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When an Agreeable Chameleon Turns on You – Kindness Gone Wrong

I once had a supervisor who had a very outgoing, super friendly, and outwardly kind demeanor. But she could and would turn on you in an instant. I was taken in initially by her outward appearance. I saw the kindness … Continue reading

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Devising a Fool-proof Plan to Deal with Difficult People – 3 Essential Components

Reciprocal relationships are the ideal. The give-and-take that allows for equitable contribution and advantages promotes healthy growth for both parties. At the heart of a healthy relationship is a base of empathy and authenticity in both parties. In a perfect … Continue reading

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Living with SPARK in My Life

We all need a personal mission statement. Most of us do have a code within us that we follow, consciously or unconsciously. Our values and ethics, what’s important to us, and where we find meaning makes its way into our … Continue reading

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Three Positive Aspects of Regret and How to Attain Them

Regret is considered a negative emotion. It is defined as great sorrow or disappointment because of something that has happened, usually resulting in loss or missed opportunity. The mind distress that accompanies regret, if left unattended, can grow and fester. … Continue reading

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