Why We Need Wonder in Our Lives and How to Make it Happen

Peter was a sensitive man nearly 70, who became so disconnected from his sense of wonder and mystery that his outlook on life suffered. A pervasive sadness took over with such force that two counselors diagnosed him as “clinically depressed.” Sensitive or not, this man’s case points out an important aspect of our lives, one that we let get sidelined all too often.

There are so many interests competing for our time. Career, family, civic duties, exercise and other self-care needs. And don’t forget all that binge watching that the pandemic has convinced us is a necessity. Aside from the binge watching, we have many areas of our life that require daily attention. So why is it absolutely necessary to make the time to maintain that same sense of mystery and wonder in our own lives?

Here are just a few of the benefits we can expect from maintaining a sense of wonder:

We Need Wonder
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
  • Grants significance to our lives;
  • Gives us respect for our purpose; and,
  • Opens up our horizons to endless possibilities.

As children we come into the world full of wonder and exploration. As we grow into the responsibilities of adulthood, that wonder can disappear. Don’t fret, it hasn’t really disappeared. It has only gotten buried. If you want to recover it, here are a few tips to get it back on track.


Make time to explore the mysteries of life. You might start by cutting some of those X number of hours you spend binge watching your favorite entertainment.

Learn to Quiet Your Mind

Nothing can enter a cluttered mind. Find a quiet spot and enjoy the peace. Meditate or do progressive muscle relaxation. Take an essential-oil-infused bath. Write in a journal or diary. Take a nature walk. Do deep breathing. Play with a pet. These are only a few ways to clear the clutter. Once your mind is at peace, you can begin exploring mysteries.

Create a Feeling Within Yourself Where Wonder Can Prosper

Start by reclaiming your curiosity. Look around you. What grabs your interest? Is there a question that has baffled you for a long time? See everything around with new eyes. As if you had a blank mind. Child-like wonder means letting go of preconceived ideas and a set-in-stone attitude.

Develop your Curiosity

Bring to mind questions that remain unanswered. What do you think is the cause or reason or solution? Read about space, the depths of the ocean, the parts of the human mind that remain a mystery. Ask questions. Hypothesize. Dig deeper.

Joy is found in the wonder that we create. Our minds crave the curiosity, seek out imagination. It is a part of our heritage as a thinking, inquisitive species. Your heart and soul will thank you.

Copyright 2021, Monica Nelson

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