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What is Open-mindedness? And Why it is Imperative that You Work Toward It

By Monica Nelson To know what open-mindedness is, you first need to look at its opposite – narrow-mindedness. No one wants to be accused of narrow-mindedness. Yet, it is a very prevalent trait among us. Most people refer to their own narrow-mindedness as standing up for what they believe is right. While that sounds noble and altruistic, it is quite the opposite. To clarify, a narrow-minded belief is one in which we unconditionally believe that our way of thinking is correct, and that no one else’s opinion can have merit. We are unwilling to even consider another opinion. Opinionated beliefs come about from fear. We sense that someone with a … Continue reading

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Highly Personal Forgiveness

By Monica Nelson It is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend. –Madame Dorothée Deluzy If I were asked to list all the learning lessons of my life, forgiving would be one of the top-ranked themes. I can fairly say that I have faced all kinds of situations that at least presented an opportunity to forgive someone or something, if not having been its major focus. Forgiveness and all its many challenges is in ample supply in my life, as I suspect it is in yours. While the mechanics of forgiveness were always a source of learning, I pretty much knew its character. Or so I thought I did. It was … Continue reading

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