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Truth Seeker or Phony? – There is a Difference

Recently, the term “Truth Seeker” has garnered a bad name for itself. The name appears to have been snatched from a group of honest people with original thought and integrity in intention and action. Stolen by people whose previous connotation … Continue reading

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Is it Time to Add the Neurodiverse HSP in Inclusivity?

The diversion, equity, and inclusion movement we find ourselves in right now is long overdue. Understanding and accepting another person’s differences is finally gaining acceptance in the workplace. Recognizing each person’s unique contribution. One area of diversity yet to be … Continue reading

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Challenge Old Beliefs – Feeding the Drive to Self-Actualize

The pandemic we find ourselves in has done more to upend our lives beyond health and economics. Staying occupied with thoughts of these two survival necessities has held us all captive to the internal strife within. Much like clinging to … Continue reading

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