The Entertainment Value of Reading – Three Compelling Reasons

In our series, we’re going through the many advantages to reading, starting with the most obvious and the least valuable. That doesn’t mean that it is not important.

In our technological world, there are many ways to entertain yourself. Television stories, movies, videos on the Internet. So, why bother with the old-fashioned practice of reading it yourself?

Here are three compelling reasons to choose the latter.

When You Don’t Want to Be Lazy

Sitting in front of a screen of any kind, you take in the visions in front of you with little effort on your part. You participate only through the actual watching of the story before you. It is fleeting.

It doesn’t have time to sink in. You leave your seat when it’s done having expended very little effort.

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I enjoy a good movie, but I am fully aware of how little I participated in the interaction between myself and the story. Reading requires you to immerse yourself in an active way. It is more of a communion between the story and myself.

When You Want to Highlight Passages for Later Reference

I admit it. I am a highlighter. I read for enjoyment, but I also read to learn. When I come across a point that really resonates with me, I want to be able to refer back to it. I highlight and paper-clip it in my book. Easy retrieval.

I can retain points from other sources but I have to use paper or an electronic means of recording that information. Then I have to store it somewhere that I can remember where I put it. Remember is the key. I have an active brain that I stuff with massive amounts of data. Remembering where I can access a key point in the future becomes much easier when I can associate it with the title of the book I found it in.

When You Want to Kick Back and Slow Your Life Pace

Modern life can roar along at 100 mph. We are constantly going here and there, and taking care of the many obligations that our world demands of us. With little relaxation time. When was the last time you took a book outside and sat under a tree reading? Or, when it’s cold outside, threw a blanket around you, cup of tea or cocoa beside you, and cozied into a fluffy chair to read?

When you did, were you aware of the amazing relaxation that that activity presents? When you transport yourself into the world of reading, all cares get put aside for a few short hours. Sure, you can do this with other activities, such as sports or crafts, etc. But slipping into a different world gives you the dual benefit of leaving your own behind for a while at the same time sending you on an adventure of your choosing. What could be better?

Reading as a form of entertainment has been pushed aside in our modern way of life. Maybe it’s time to restore it to its rightful place. These three reasons are great motivators to do just that.

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