The Power Behind Your Goals – Three Mighty Forces

If you are a goal-setter (and if you are reading this, you probably are), you know the best practices in how to set goals – write them down, set smaller, more reachable goals, etc. Those are important elements for defining your desires and ideals. But you may still find yourself struggling toward your objectives with minimal success. And you may wonder why the routine isn’t working for you.

What’s lacking goes beyond a mere haphazard decision to gain an objective. You may be missing out on the emotional energy that is needed to attain those goals. We fail to accomplish anything that has no impassioned push behind it.

The following three essentials are the commanding ingredients that ensure your success. Without them, you are simply treading water.


Your first hurdle toward gaining effective belief is self-love. You can have unlimited belief in your goal, but if you don’t believe that you deserve what you desire, it will never happen. Subconscious forces in your mind will block your ambitions before they can start.

Self-love means talking to yourself with kindness and love. Forgiving your faults. Realizing you are a work in progress. It means being true to yourself. You must trust your inner voice. Take care of your body and mind. Prioritize you. It is a common misbelief that if you love yourself, there is no room for anyone else. Not true. When you take care of you first, you create the space to love unconditionally.

Belief also requires that you have an open mind to what can be. Down through history are plenty of examples of inventors who brought to life ideas, that to that point, were deemed impossible. When you expand your thinking to allow for what seems insurmountable, you open up to miracles.

As you strengthen these traits in yourself, belief in what you can achieve grows on its own.


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Intention is a state of mind that goes beyond a simple decision. It requires focus, concentrated and pinpoint. Filtering out the fluff from your mind. Discarding thought that is counterproductive to your focus. Once you have done that, you can place all your energy behind it. Directing that energy in its most efficient way to the project at hand.

Practice awareness. Reign in your mindfulness. Drain away what is inconsequential. This helps free your mind to hone in to your goal with acute intention.

Dedicated Action

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Combining the first two mindsets with a follow-up action plan carried out with dedication to your purpose rounds out your formula for success. Belief and intention alone can’t accomplish your desires without action on your part.

Work on your goals daily with the determination that comes from a belief emanating from your love and dreams, focused concentration, and committed activity.

Enjoy the process. Rest in its inevitability. Remember – life is what happens while you are working toward your goals.

Copyright 2021, Monica Nelson

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