The Absolute Need for Purpose in Your Life and Three Steps to Achieve It

Life. It’s free. But priceless. You can’t buy it. You have no assurance of how long it will last. So, it’s best to make the most of it. How do you use this precious gift?

Most people amble through life with little direction. An activity that leaves us empty in the end.

Drawing meaning from life is simple, albeit counterintuitive. It requires you to choose your contribution to the world around you, then pursue that contribution with purpose and intention. And it requires that that mission be an aim that benefits someone beyond yourself. Each of us has unique qualities, characteristics that coalesce into the contribution that only we as unique individuals can make.

Your first step then on the road to purpose is to define what only you can bring to the world.

Step One – Finding Your Purpose

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What is meaningful to you?

The barometer for this exists within each person. We have unique experiences that result in unique points of view. Within that unique perspective you will find your meaning. Your purpose will look different than anyone else’s. But it will include acts such as kindness, generosity, honesty, imagination, courage, caring, teamwork, thoughtfulness, consideration, giving of yourself for the greater good – the list is endless.

Search your inner soul. It will reveal to you causes that are meaningful. Activities that you enjoy. Passions that you can lose yourself in. These are the building blocks to your purpose.

Step 2 — Set a Goal and Spend your Life in Pursuit of that Goal

Your purpose demands a destination. Some examples are:

  • Setting up an organization to educate on the evils of global warming;
  • Creating a business where a certain percentage of sales go to a worthy cause;
  • Writing a book to point out a societal change that you feel must be made;
  • Devoting your life to the end of bullying.

You will need to set minor and major goals, steps to reach your objective. Your cause may or may not be fulfilled in your lifetime. If it is, that’s great – find more that can be done. If it isn’t, your work is not in vain. You will advance the cause so that another can pick it up.

Step 3 — Do Deliberate Practice

Getting your plan is easier than fulfilling it. If it requires adjustment, that’s fine. But remain on the course. That demands that you discipline yourself to stick with it. Adjust as necessary, with the focus solidly on your final intent.

Daily practice is key to your progress. Work your plan with focus, concentration, and drive. Do what is necessary to maintain your motivation.

To live a life of meaning, find the purpose you were intended for and work every moment to its fruition. Your legacy is your contribution.

Copyright 2021, Monica Nelson

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