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I’ve come to a point where I need to leave the responsibility of this blog so that I can put my attention on more pressing (survival) issues. So I am taking a sabbatical. Thank you to all of you who supported me during the last couple of years. I hope to see you all soon. Thanks, Monica

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Can we Learn About Appropriate Expression from our Critters? Empathy, Authenticity, and Unconditional Love from a Canine Perspective

By Monica Nelson Our dog, Melanie, has a proclivity toward the men in our household. She belongs to our 13-year-old son and she fulfills the part well. About 10-20 minutes before he is to come home from school, she will jump up from her sleeping spot on the dog pillow strategically placed beneath our living room picture window and stand at attention in my office doorway. Nervously lifting her legs, one at a time, indicating suppression of her deep desire to jump up and down, she will whimper in ever increasing volume until I acknowledge her presence. As I turn to look at her, she will send out a small … Continue reading

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When Love is a Choice – Step-Relations, Expectations, and a Response

By Monica Nelson The movie, Love Actually, is a story that focuses on the love or hopeful love relationships between many diverse couples. While the majority of those relationships are of the romantic variety, the relationship that fascinates me the most is the one between a father and his step-son. Early in the movie, you see them both saying farewell to the link between them, the adult character’s wife and mother to the boy. This relationship is the most heart-warming of the ones in the entire story. The majority of the others are brought together by the chemistry of love. But this particular relationship is not sexual, nor is it … Continue reading

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Personal Note to Followers of Author Monica Nelson Blog

Gentle-followers: We are in the process of transferring my blog’s home from residence on to my domain name at We’ve run into a few issues having to do with our domain service provider’s instructions. I would like to thank all of my followers for their support, and ask that you be patient with us while we make this transition. Hopefully, we will be up and putting new content on by the end of this week. I value your support, and I hope there is not much more inconvenience. Thank you, Monica Nelson

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