Think Before You Indulge in the Self-Destructive Practice of Posting Selfies; 4 Mighty Reasons

I am always amazed at the number of Facebook and Instagram pages that host the owners page full of selfies. Some of these are 75%-95%, even 100% self-photographed pictures of the account owner. It is estimated that worldwide 93 million selfies are taken every day.  

But people tend to resent and be wary of people who post too many selfies. Even if you ignore the fact that most people abhor seeing those carefully coifed photos on your site, please don’t ignore the danger you are putting yourself in. The habit of taking selfies is destructive in many ways.

Here are four of the most potent reasons to break that selfie habit.

Self-imposed Mental Health Destroyer

Image courtesy of Tookapic on Pixabay.

It has long been thought that social media in general, including selfie-promoting activities, was a source of negative emotions in people. A recent study has now shown marked changes like lower self-esteem and higher anxiety associated with the practice. If may seem like fun in the moment, but you experience body dissatisfaction later.

Giving Potential Employers a Reason to Reject You

We know that many potential employers go to Facebook and Instagram accounts with the intent of judging the character of any potential employee. Employers look to these sites to provide insight they may not get from a face-to-face interview – a kind of candid view while the candidate is presenting their true nature. Selfies can be associated with self-indulgence and narcissism. These two traits don’t reflect well on the candidate. Employers are looking for employees who are focused on their business and get along well with others at the organization.

The Criminal Element Gets in on the Action

Whenever there is a popular trend in the population, criminals are looking for ways to exploit that trend for their own benefit. Photos posted to the Internet can easily be downloaded and reuploaded to illegal websites. With current photo-editing software, it is easy to fuse photos together with little or no visible evidence showing that the photo was changed in any way. These photos are then uploaded to child pornography, trafficking and prostitution sites. This happens on a daily basis.

Image courtesy of DanXaw from Pixabay.

It Could Be Your Final Act

People get so absorbed in getting the best shot that they do not pay attention to their safety. In fact, many people die every year from accidents that occur while taking a selfie. And the numbers continue to go higher. The United States is second in the list of most selfie deaths in the world. You may think it can’t happen to you. So did many of the people who found out the hard way that it was their final act.

Taking and posting selfies seems like harmless fun and an easy way to boost their image on social media, but it’s to your advantage to consider the risks before taking that next selfie.

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