Don’t Underestimate the Power of Words

In the world of advertising, words and images are the tools that compel people to buy a certain product. Copywriters are the word composers who create the text that make up that half of the equation. They are skilled in making copy that has impact and creates a desire in the audience to purchase a particular product or service. The most successful copywriters haul in the big bucks. They use tried and true techniques to exact their desired response. They know how to use words to their advantage.

Politicians also understand the power of words. They employ speech writers and others to make sure that they project a message that resonates with the audience they want to reach. Persuasion, not for your dollars, but for your vote. In the last few years, certain politicians have accused the media of portraying them with false narrative. The lines become blurred as to who is telling the truth and who is creating a falsehood for their own purposes. Politicians, too, know how to use words to their advantage.

Within the last few months, we have learned of a great fallacy being disseminated to the people of Russia in order to justify one leader’s lust for power. Well-meaning citizens being coerced into believing stories that support and condone atrocities. The consequences have worldwide implications. This power-hungry leader knows how to manipulate words to his advantage.

Words have power. Sometimes that power can be corrupted.

Image courtesy of Geralt on Pixabay.

Communication done with authenticity and integrity is a marvelous tool for creating understanding, tolerance, and cooperation. But we are prone to believe that when someone is speaking, their words are genuine. Unfortunately, more and more, our words are being used to mislead rather than promote an accurate portrayal of the truth. And the more acceptable the practice becomes – the more we as a whole tolerate its practice – the more it grows. Like a cancer.

The practice of misleading others has reached a point where misleading words are being used to enhance the belief that misleading words are actually true. This misleading verbiage to justify a collection of previous misleading verbiage becomes a war of words.

We accomplish nothing positive with this practice. What we do is go backward in our progress. We go at each other’s throats with no resolution. The only winners are the scoundrels.

It’s time for the rest of us to put a stop to it. We must first use our intellect and our intuition to decipher who is telling the truth and who is misleading us. Then, we need to collectively stand up to those people. In our attempts to treat everyone equally, we become afraid to speak out against the offenders. The time has come to put an end to it.

Words have great power. If we are to thrive as a people, we must start using that power for good, and quash its misuse.

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