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A Day of Reckoning on National Relaxation Day – Your Lifelong Blueprint to Work/Life Balance Every Day

By Monica Nelson National Relaxation Day is August 15. I just googled “How to relax on National Relaxation Day.” The search came up with over 7 and one-half million results. I consider this a great paradox. And an indication of something really wrong in the way we live our lives now. Think about it – why on earth do we need 7,590,000 articles giving us advice on how to relax? Is it possibly because we have no clue how to do that? [My apologies to my non-USA readers. You can stop reading now – you already get the logic of a healthy work/life balance. And you practice it. I am … Continue reading

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Life on Overwhelm? 6 Tips to Put Your Life Back On Course

By Monica Nelson We live in fast-moving times. Technology has grown faster in the last 100 years than it has in the entire course of prior human existence. What’s more, it seems to grow faster and faster. Along with this advance comes an ever-growing set of responsibilities and duties. It is not unusual to find yourself overwhelmed. When it seems like life is demanding too much of you, you can become paralyzed and ineffective at doing anything. Before that happens, take a moment to hone up on what you can do to avoid it. 1. Breathe. Stop for a moment and simply breathe. Deep, slow breaths. Breathing will allow you … Continue reading

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Why is Life so Hard? Making Adversity an Ally

By Monica Nelson There is a popular saying that has been around about a century: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Easy enough to say, but neglectful of the recipe. In this article, I hope to give you my version of how to make lemonade of your life’s challenges. We all face hardship of some kind throughout our lives, experiencing it in different degrees and in different circumstances. How we respond to that misfortune is not only a measure of our character, it is the means through which we define ourselves. It is how we grow in strength and temperament. Going through challenges is something to be thankful for. … Continue reading

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How to Deal With Stress in Hard Times: A List to Post

By Monica Nelson Note to self: When you are in the throes of a difficult period is not an optimal time to pull together all your practices for surviving it. So here is your list, gathered from years of experience, set in front of you for easy reference. Keep it handy, post it prominently because hard times have a tendency to sneak up on you. Start Your Day: With a reminder, prayer, affirmation, or whatever form you place it in, that declares your dedication of the day to the service of others; Listen to or sing one or more uplifting, invigorating, and motivating songs; Talk to yourself in a full … Continue reading

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To Navigate the Flow of Life, Let Go and Let God

By Monica Nelson Let go and let God. This is a saying that I cling to. In recent years, my life has become much more stressful and overwhelming than it ever has been. At times it is all I can do not to go running off into the sunset, arms raised in exasperation. I am, like many others, vulnerable to negative occurrences that cause us to give up hope and anticipate the worst. You and I are not completely to blame. The amygdala is an organ within each of us that triggers a reactive emotional response. Long, long ago, this was an important function of human life. Survival depended on … Continue reading

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