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Top 10 Reasons to Practice Kindness and Love – A Countdown

By Monica Nelson We are not naturally kind. Nor are we naturally loving. It takes work and effort. Human nature typically runs on ego, and our egos are not instinctively kind and loving. They prefer to keep self interest above all else. But it is an undeniable fact that kindness and loving behavior are the cornerstones for greatness. If we were all kind and loving to one another, life would truly be a joyous event at every moment. It is the great paradox of human interaction. So to those who seek to rise above their own egoistic tendencies and seek after a more kind and loving nature, I offer this … Continue reading

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Simple Steps, Real Change: Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence

By Monica Nelson This is the second in a series of small changes to make to your life that affect it in a big way. I worked for a lawyer once who was impossible. He was well-known in his field, and sought after by wealthy women for his no-holds-barred approach to getting one-sided divorce settlements. His intelligence was only rivaled by his unparalleled bear-cat reputation. While his IQ was near or at Mensa level, his relationship prowess was next to zero. Working for this man was drudgery. His work standards were unreachable by anyone beneath god-status. When unhappy, he roared at his staff. He had little empathy and no social … Continue reading

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Starting Over? Plant These 3 P’s Into Your Subconscious

By Monica Nelson You’ve been hit by a cyclone. Loss of a job, divorce or death of a spouse, financial ruin, or any number of other disasters that end your current reign of contented living. Devastated and flattened, all you want to do is give up. But that’s not an option. Starting over is staring you in the face and you are terrified. The most imperative of actions at this moment is to fight the negative self-thoughts running through your head. Those sneaky and snarky attempts by your subconscious to blindside your life’s purpose. It seems an overwhelming task. What can you do? Start by replacing those thoughts with the … Continue reading

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