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Be Careful How you Classify Someone, Even if You Mean the Best By It

By Monica Nelson Many, many years ago when I was a young single adult, I became friends with a woman who wanted to set me up with all of her husband’s single friends. She was so adamant about doing this and wanted so much to see me connected to one of them that she tended to “talk me up” a lot. On one such set-up she told the man that I was a model. (Not true. I had taken modeling classes but had never worked as one.) On the night we were to get together, she and I traveled to a practice session (her husband and his friend were both … Continue reading

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Is Emotional Intelligence a Double-edged Sword? – Beware the EI Covert Emotional Manipulators

By Monica Nelson Empathy is a strong and mostly positive character trait. We value empathy for its power in encouraging good moral behavior in society, teaching our young the difference between right and wrong, and creating a philanthropic sensitivity toward the less-fortunate in our world. But, like so many other things, empathy can be exploited. And often is in the hands of skillful manipulators. Manipulators come in all forms. Some are driven by character deficiencies, others by low self-esteem and painful or tragic pasts. Some, however, are simply born that way. But the very worst are those who know that they are manipulating others and continue to do so for … Continue reading

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Defining Integrity, Your First Step to Developing More of It

By Monica Nelson If you’ve landed on this post, integrity is important to you. In business as well as in personal relationships, integrity has emerged as a major factor in developing relationships. And it’s no surprise. At no other time in history do we need integrity more. Corrupt political leaders, business scoundrels, Internet scams, you name it. The list is endless. In this post I will be talking about defining integrity. It is the first step to strengthening it. Integrity has two major components to it. The first component is a sense of wholeness. To be whole means that you have clearly defined what you stand for and that what … Continue reading

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Love, Truth, and an Absolute Need for Clear Perspective

By Monica Nelson I am always working on finding the truth. The truth to me is what is good and right. And it is not always what is obvious. Why is it so important to me to do this? People who know me well, think of me as a rather straight-laced, somewhat naive person. I tend to look for the positive in people, which has a tendency to bite me in my vulnerabilities more often than is comfortable. At the heart of my soul, I believe that people are basically good but often misguided individuals whose evil-leaning tendencies originate from a lack in their lives. Some lack more than others. … Continue reading

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Fake Smiles – An Outrage or Good Advertising Technique?

By Monica Nelson As a copywriter, I struggle at times with writing advertising copy. There is an ethics issue that resides in every piece of copy I write. And advice I give on writing that copy. For instance, I recently wrote Power Up Your Product Descriptions with Emotional Words  suggesting the use of emotional words to create more compelling copy, a common technique employed for that very thing. I initially questioned writing it, then once written, I questioned posting it. After thinking it through carefully though, I decided that it held more good than not. My conclusion was that the use of emotional words can help a consumer get in … Continue reading

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The Moral Obligation of Story

By Monica Nelson People have long been telling stories. Longer, in fact, than we have been writing. Story has been a part of our various cultures from the stone age. In my family, my dad was the storyteller. He loved to captivate the family with highlights of his life. I came to know these stories by heart. Through these stories I learned about life on the farm, the depression, a young Midwestern-born-and-raised man’s trip to Florida. I also came to know my father, his character and what was important to him. Story does not just entertain. It helps us define who we are. It dictates to a new generation acceptable … Continue reading

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Why is Good Character so Important?

By Monica Nelson If you are reading my posts with any regularity, you are getting a sense of how important I think character and building good character is. So I thought it was time to explain my reasons behind this philosophy. I hope that you, too, will see the importance of this purpose in your life. Life Growth If you strip away your home, your car, your belongings; if you strip away your achievements, your financial status, your standing in your community and the world; if you strip away your friends, your family, and your most trusted advisors, what you have left is the base or essence of who you … Continue reading

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Becoming a Deeper Level of Kind

By Monica Nelson Years ago I had a friend, Robin. Robin was neither ugly nor was she outstandingly attractive. But Robin attracted everyone – men, women, children, everyone loved Robin from the moment they came within a few feet of her. And they, in fact, seemed to flock to her in groves. I found this an interesting phenomenon. So much so, I set about trying to discover what it was about Robin that drew people to her like hummingbirds to sugar water. Over a few months time, I analyzed Robin’s interactions with everyone she came in contact with, as well as myself. What I found was that Robin’s special trait, … Continue reading

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