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What is Open-mindedness? And Why it is Imperative that You Work Toward It

By Monica Nelson To know what open-mindedness is, you first need to look at its opposite – narrow-mindedness. No one wants to be accused of narrow-mindedness. Yet, it is a very prevalent trait among us. Most people refer to their own narrow-mindedness as standing up for what they believe is right. While that sounds noble and altruistic, it is quite the opposite. To clarify, a narrow-minded belief is one in which we unconditionally believe that our way of thinking is correct, and that no one else’s opinion can have merit. We are unwilling to even consider another opinion. Opinionated beliefs come about from fear. We sense that someone with a … Continue reading

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Fear, Vulnerability and Loathing

By Monica Nelson My husband and I attended a meeting last week where we voiced an opinion that went against the proposed action. I’d like to give you the details, but I would have to write a book to explain it all. Please indulge me as I speak in generalities so I can get quickly to the point. My husband took the lead and explained our position. While my position was somewhat different from my husband’s, the gist of it was in support of his stand. We made our viewpoint known, then left the decision to the committee without further appeal. In the end, the group made an adjustment to … Continue reading

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