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5 Steps to Commanding Self Belief and Confident Expectation

By Monica Nelson Quick – what is the most important quality to propel you through life with the utmost efficiency, happiness, and accomplishment? Self belief is an incredibly important characteristic, and yet so few of us really embody it. Nor do we embrace it with the respect that it deserves. Yet, it is the backbone of our personal growth. Its strength guides us through the murky waters of our most difficult times. The quiet shadow of self belief keeps us strong and moving forward. Known also as faith in yourself, it spawns another quality of great value. Confident expectation is the flashlight we use to find our way through the … Continue reading

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Life on Overwhelm? 6 Tips to Put Your Life Back On Course

By Monica Nelson We live in fast-moving times. Technology has grown faster in the last 100 years than it has in the entire course of prior human existence. What’s more, it seems to grow faster and faster. Along with this advance comes an ever-growing set of responsibilities and duties. It is not unusual to find yourself overwhelmed. When it seems like life is demanding too much of you, you can become paralyzed and ineffective at doing anything. Before that happens, take a moment to hone up on what you can do to avoid it. 1. Breathe. Stop for a moment and simply breathe. Deep, slow breaths. Breathing will allow you … Continue reading

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The Art of Transformation: 5 Absolute “Get Ready for Change” Musts

By Monica Nelson After a recent visit to the doctor for a physical, I was faced with a do or die decision. She had been telling me for a couple of years that I needed to stop ignoring my health, and make some changes. This time the numbers were too significant to ignore. She lectured me on the need to change my diet (lose weight) and start/maintain a consequential exercise program. It was too important to my quality of life to put aside any more. I had to make a transformation. Whether we face this kind of ultimatum, or we simply desire to make a change, transformation is necessary. It … Continue reading

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Why is Life so Hard? Making Adversity an Ally

By Monica Nelson There is a popular saying that has been around about a century: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Easy enough to say, but neglectful of the recipe. In this article, I hope to give you my version of how to make lemonade of your life’s challenges. We all face hardship of some kind throughout our lives, experiencing it in different degrees and in different circumstances. How we respond to that misfortune is not only a measure of our character, it is the means through which we define ourselves. It is how we grow in strength and temperament. Going through challenges is something to be thankful for. … Continue reading

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Simple Steps, Real Change: Cure Hopelessness with Learned Optimism

By Monica Nelson This is the last in a series of small changes to make to your life that affect it in a big way. Hopelessness is one of the most insidious emotions. Like a wildfire set out to destroy all in its path, it paralyzes not only the sufferer but also anyone that person comes in contact with. It has always been a scourge that stifles human growth and happiness. Its effects are devastating. In 2010, there were 38,364 U.S. deaths resulting from suicide, a side effect of hopelessness and depression. All of us deal with depression and pessimism to some degree. So, even if your blues are not … Continue reading

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Simple Steps, Real Change: Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence

By Monica Nelson This is the second in a series of small changes to make to your life that affect it in a big way. I worked for a lawyer once who was impossible. He was well-known in his field, and sought after by wealthy women for his no-holds-barred approach to getting one-sided divorce settlements. His intelligence was only rivaled by his unparalleled bear-cat reputation. While his IQ was near or at Mensa level, his relationship prowess was next to zero. Working for this man was drudgery. His work standards were unreachable by anyone beneath god-status. When unhappy, he roared at his staff. He had little empathy and no social … Continue reading

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