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Where the Soul Lives

By Monica Nelson I am going to deviate just a little from my normal advice-type format to throw something at you that I have been kicking around for a while, and to ask a few questions of you. No, it’s not a test with one right answer, but I am asking you for your honest feedback. I’ll start with two radical concepts. Concept Number 1: We are not our bodies. Our body houses the essence of who we are. It is the vehicle through which we operate in a physical world. It is the instrument through which you express who you are at a given moment. Concept Number 2: We … Continue reading

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To Navigate the Flow of Life, Let Go and Let God

By Monica Nelson Let go and let God. This is a saying that I cling to. In recent years, my life has become much more stressful and overwhelming than it ever has been. At times it is all I can do not to go running off into the sunset, arms raised in exasperation. I am, like many others, vulnerable to negative occurrences that cause us to give up hope and anticipate the worst. You and I are not completely to blame. The amygdala is an organ within each of us that triggers a reactive emotional response. Long, long ago, this was an important function of human life. Survival depended on … Continue reading

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The Two Paths of Rejected Love

By Monica Nelson I have a friend who tells the story of her parents. They were both very young and neither had experienced romantic love before. Having met on a blind date, they instantly and instinctively knew that they had met their soul mate. They married within two weeks of meeting because he was to go off to war. They remained married and happily in love until the day they died many years later. Fascinating, beautiful story. But one that is rare. The majority of us experience at least one rejection and that rejection generally cuts down to the bone. My own story is more common. I was into my … Continue reading

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Love, Truth, and an Absolute Need for Clear Perspective

By Monica Nelson I am always working on finding the truth. The truth to me is what is good and right. And it is not always what is obvious. Why is it so important to me to do this? People who know me well, think of me as a rather straight-laced, somewhat naive person. I tend to look for the positive in people, which has a tendency to bite me in my vulnerabilities more often than is comfortable. At the heart of my soul, I believe that people are basically good but often misguided individuals whose evil-leaning tendencies originate from a lack in their lives. Some lack more than others. … Continue reading

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Take a Moment to Sit in Love

By Monica Nelson About a year ago, I took my son to pick up his glasses at the optometrist. It had been an extremely hot and frustrating day. After a number of errands, this was our last and we wanted to get home. The optometrist’s counter was just inside the doctor’s office off to the left. The pathway toward the doctor’s office was at an angle that cut across the very small area in front of the counter. People were smashed against one another when we arrived. My son and I stood on the fringes waiting our turn. We moved side-to-side as people walked to and from the doctor’s intake … Continue reading

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Defining Right Action

By Monica Nelson The Meaning of Right Action I was reading one of the many older volumes of inspirational texts I own the other day. I came upon a paragraph suggesting keeping thoughts focused on virtuous thought patterns. There was a sequence of five or six, but the one that stood out to me was right action. I decided to do a search to find out exactly what right action is. The first Web entries referenced a song. Hmmm, I was hoping for a definition. After those entries, I came upon information about the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path. I have only a slight understanding of Buddhist philosophy, so I indulged … Continue reading

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The Need to Be

By Monica Nelson My family and I took a trip to Colorado this past holiday weekend. From where we live in Nebraska, it is about an 8- to 9-hour drive across the state on 80, then down 76 through eastern Colorado. Not the most scenic places in the US. We had to take the truck and a trailer because we were going to pick up a vehicle from family. The truck has no air conditioning, and it was a slow, hot drive. Not a favorite way to spend a day of my life. As we drove through sparsely populated countryside on isolated highway, wind in our hair, I sat back … Continue reading

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Three Forms of Mind Pictures, Harmful or Helpful?

By Monica Nelson Being a creative person has its ups and downs. But one of the problems I find in having a creative mind is the possibility for distraction. Our minds are amazing entities. They are capable of creating pictures and fantasies in great detail and intricacy. But are these mental images that we create harmful or helpful? I wanted to find out. I looked at three different forms of mind pictures to see whether I should indulge or not. Rumination Ruminating is generally a mental replay of a negative situation or circumstance. It is focusing on distressful past events that tend to develop more negativity. This type of mental … Continue reading

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Fake Smiles – An Outrage or Good Advertising Technique?

By Monica Nelson As a copywriter, I struggle at times with writing advertising copy. There is an ethics issue that resides in every piece of copy I write. And advice I give on writing that copy. For instance, I recently wrote Power Up Your Product Descriptions with Emotional Words  suggesting the use of emotional words to create more compelling copy, a common technique employed for that very thing. I initially questioned writing it, then once written, I questioned posting it. After thinking it through carefully though, I decided that it held more good than not. My conclusion was that the use of emotional words can help a consumer get in … Continue reading

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Life’s Illusion, and More Challenge From Linguistic Relativity

I love reading P.M.H. Atwater. She has some way-out-there kind of stuff, but stimulating. And thought provoking. As of late, I have been reading Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story. In the chapter on shifts in perception, she talks about Benjamin Lee Whorf and the question he posed many years ago: “Does the language we speak shape the way we think?” I find this question fascinating. As a writer, words are my bread-and-butter. They are the tools I use to communicate the message I want people to get. I am very careful when I choose my words, picking out the word with just the right inference. I have a synonym … Continue reading

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