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Conquering Discipline – 6 Steps to Move Beyond Just Do It

By Monica Nelson Years ago, a certain popular footwear company inferred to its customers that athletic prowess was a combination of their shoes and the drive to Just Do It. A reference to change through discipline, that line struck a chord with people so much that the slogan remains part of our culture today. But it’s one thing to say just do it. And a whole other thing to put that action into practice. Some background first. There are two types of change – involuntary, or the kind that is forced upon you, and voluntary, the kind you choose for yourself. We see a behavior in ourselves that is unwise, … Continue reading

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Starting Over? Plant These 3 P’s Into Your Subconscious

By Monica Nelson You’ve been hit by a cyclone. Loss of a job, divorce or death of a spouse, financial ruin, or any number of other disasters that end your current reign of contented living. Devastated and flattened, all you want to do is give up. But that’s not an option. Starting over is staring you in the face and you are terrified. The most imperative of actions at this moment is to fight the negative self-thoughts running through your head. Those sneaky and snarky attempts by your subconscious to blindside your life’s purpose. It seems an overwhelming task. What can you do? Start by replacing those thoughts with the … Continue reading

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