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5 Steps to Commanding Self Belief and Confident Expectation

By Monica Nelson Quick – what is the most important quality to propel you through life with the utmost efficiency, happiness, and accomplishment? Self belief is an incredibly important characteristic, and yet so few of us really embody it. Nor do we embrace it with the respect that it deserves. Yet, it is the backbone of our personal growth. Its strength guides us through the murky waters of our most difficult times. The quiet shadow of self belief keeps us strong and moving forward. Known also as faith in yourself, it spawns another quality of great value. Confident expectation is the flashlight we use to find our way through the … Continue reading

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Make the Season Last – Enjoy the Holiday Feeling All Year Long

By Monica Nelson I revel in the joys of the holiday season. No, it’s not the gifts that stir my internal celebration. It’s the feel. It seems everyone puts aside their angst and bitterness during these few short weeks of the year. The air is alive with cheer, hope, and happiness. This, in and of itself, makes the holidays a time to celebrate. But when the holidays end, we all go back to our grumpiness. Is it possible to get the feel of the holidays all year long? I pulled together a few of the characteristics that I have found make the holidays a bright and warm time. A time … Continue reading

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Creating Hope for a Full Life

By Monica Nelson Someone very close to me experienced a family tragedy that scarred him deeply. During this time of year, at the time of the event’s anniversary, he has a difficult time getting through his day. His outlook becomes black and despairing. He enters a hopeless state. Hopelessness can be described in many ways. Most often it refers to a feeling of inadequacy. Unable to do what needs to be done. A person feels lost, floating in time without purpose, optimism or motivation. Other ways to describe this state might be futility, despondency, or depression. Hope is a necessary ingredient to living a life of purpose. Without hope we … Continue reading

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The Morning Pinks are Just as Beautiful, or an Evolution of Gratitude

By Monica Nelson Pink in the morning, sailor’s warning. Pink at night, sailor’s delight. –Anonymous That was one of my mother’s favorite sayings. Of course, the saying refers to weather. But as I’ve weathered the storms in my life, I’ve come to equate morning pink with difficulties and hardship. My life did not turn out to be what I envisioned it to be as a young girl. There has been much more pain and struggle than I hoped or expected. In response to those struggles, I’ve sought after more than a few emotional tools to keep me going. I’ve found that gratitude and being thankful is a great motivator that … Continue reading

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The Power of Hope and Faith

By Monica Nelson I have had a rotten week. My family and I are dealing with a lot of stress. My husband is facing the loss of his job, my freelance business is slow to take off, and finances are overwhelming us right now. The pressures of the week became unbearable after my son was kicked out of boy scout camp. Let’s just say, I went into the bluest of funks that anyone could imagine. I hit a new bottom. I’m sure you have all been there. The circumstances of your life are different than mine, but everyone deals with their own individual lows at various times in life. While … Continue reading

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A Different Color of Love

By Monica Nelson Our son is adopted. And, as with many children who are adopted after trauma, he has a different set of issues to deal with than children born with healthy attachment. What these children and their families go through on a daily basis is largely misunderstood by the public at large. To learn more about attachment disorder and its affect on families, google “attachment disorder blog” and read the personal stories of these courageous families. * * * My life over the last 12 or 13 years has not been easy. It’s slid from not always easy but generally trending upward into gradually falling apart. This morning, as … Continue reading

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