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5 Great Ways to Make A Difference – Give a Little, Get a Lot

By Monica Nelson We all have a calling, something that gives us purpose and makes our lives meaningful. Your calling is as individual as you are. But every calling has a common component – the need to make a difference while we inhabit this planet. Discovering your specific answer to this common component may seem elusive. Many times we think that we have to achieve some large accomplishment in order to make a difference. But that is simply not true. There are many seemingly small acts you can do which have huge impacts that you may or may not ever fully comprehend. Here are a few ideas to get you … Continue reading

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If your happiness depended upon it, could you accept yourself without reservation?

By Monica Nelson A recent study showed something quite amazing. A survey of 5,000 people rated responses to ten scientifically-identified happiness “keys” or habits. The keys are these: Giving Relating Exercising Appreciating Trying out Direction Resilience Emotion Acceptance Meaning Respondents were asked to rate how often they practiced these habits. Which one do you think came in last? Okay, I gave it away already. Acceptance (self-acceptance) was the one least practiced. It scored a lowly 5.56 out of 10. Giving came in first with 7.41. I find that troubling, because you cannot truly give from the heart if you come from a position of self-debasement. So why do so many of … Continue reading

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