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What Happens After a Mistake – The Harm We Use to Worsen It

By Monica Nelson Are you obsessed with your mistakes? There is a mindset that I see, and I must admit that I first noticed it within myself, that halts any true progression in life. It’s the mistake of making too much of the choices that have not worked out to our satisfaction. A mistake after a mistake, or in truth a harmful misstep made in response to a simple error. We tend to obsess over decisions that we regret. I did this recently when I was up for a job I really wanted. In over 250 applications, I was selected as one of a handful who received a coveted interview. … Continue reading

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Why is Life so Hard? Making Adversity an Ally

By Monica Nelson There is a popular saying that has been around about a century: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Easy enough to say, but neglectful of the recipe. In this article, I hope to give you my version of how to make lemonade of your life’s challenges. We all face hardship of some kind throughout our lives, experiencing it in different degrees and in different circumstances. How we respond to that misfortune is not only a measure of our character, it is the means through which we define ourselves. It is how we grow in strength and temperament. Going through challenges is something to be thankful for. … Continue reading

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Success from a Higher Perspective – Using the Law of Attraction for Real Success

By Monica Nelson The law of attraction has gained popularity since The Secret came out. It’s become a daily pursuit for many people. This universal law promises success for anyone willing to put it into practice. Sounds like a formula for happiness, fulfillment, and joy that will solve humanity’s problems and turn the entire world around. So with so much promise, why have we not moved leaps and bounds ahead in our development? I admit I have not read The Secret. But it seems to me that if this is a perfect solution to creating success where failure has resided for generations, then we would have a completely different world … Continue reading

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If You Need an Excuse . . . The Power and Pain of Separation

By Monica Nelson Standing in the back of the crowded pavilion, the largest building for miles able to accommodate this size crowd, I watched as two darkly dressed, solemn-faced funeral workers shifted the coffin into place in front of otherwise inconspicuous back doors. Within seconds, the doors opened. The new widow flanked by two young men emerged slowly from the opening. The trio stepped up to the coffin and stared down into it. Though we were not close to the family, the youngest of the children is my son’s classmate. We wanted to show our support for them at a very difficult time. The standing-room only crowd forced us closer … Continue reading

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Why Strengthening Your Emotional Life Should Rank as One of the Most Important Goals of Your Life

By Monica Nelson On a recent trip into town, I approached a T-turn in the left-hand lane. I noted the recently replaced sign that showed the rules for the turn had changed. The sign previously indicated that a driver could make both a left- and a right-hand turn from the right-hand lane. The new sign stated that the right-hand lane now permitted a right-hand turn only, leaving the left-hand lane the only legal lane from which a left-hand turn could be made. After the light changed, I made my left-hand turn simultaneously merging into the far right. That’s when an angry horn sounded and I jumped. The woman in the … Continue reading

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How to Deal With Stress in Hard Times: A List to Post

By Monica Nelson Note to self: When you are in the throes of a difficult period is not an optimal time to pull together all your practices for surviving it. So here is your list, gathered from years of experience, set in front of you for easy reference. Keep it handy, post it prominently because hard times have a tendency to sneak up on you. Start Your Day: With a reminder, prayer, affirmation, or whatever form you place it in, that declares your dedication of the day to the service of others; Listen to or sing one or more uplifting, invigorating, and motivating songs; Talk to yourself in a full … Continue reading

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The Double-Edged Sword of Secrets; How They Hurt, How They Help

By Monica Nelson I have a secret that I’ve held for years. It’s an embarrassing incident that, to this day, makes me cringe and want to duck out of sight for the rest of my life. What I am doing instead is writing about it. A decision that is at the same time fool-hearty and freeing. I wrote about the event in the introduction portion of a current project. I realize that my secret will be out there for everyone to see, but it is necessary to the context of the book. Outlining the contents made me realize that the root of my interest in the subject came from the … Continue reading

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Simple Steps, Real Change: Make Your Smile Genuine

By Monica Nelson This is the third in a series of small changes to make to your life that affect it in a big way. “A smile is something you can’t give away; it always comes back to you.” –Author Unknown Your smile is more powerful than you realize. That’s not just a glib statement. A smile is a nonverbal communication device that connects you with your emotions; and based upon whether or not it is authentic, lifts or flattens your own mood. Notice the difference here, your smile must be genuine to have a positive effect. While that authentic smile is working on your mood, it is also trickling … Continue reading

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Simple Steps, Real Change: Kindness

By Monica Nelson In January, I will be focusing on small changes to make to your life that affect it in a big way. This is my simple religion. No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness. – Dalai Lama XIV Many years ago, I heard His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet speak. My alma mater, Regis University, was hosting the event. Invitations were limited to current and graduated students. As I waited, I sensed a high energy level in the crowd. Excitement mixed with impatience seemed to permeate the gathering at this Jesuit school. … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait for a Deathbed Realization – Live the Full Life Now

By Monica Nelson A couple years ago I received the call I had feared for years. My mother told me that my father was dying. He had been moved to a hospice the night before, but the doctors believed he would not stay long. His death was imminent. Could I come? As I packed up, ready to make the 500-mile trip to my childhood home, I contemplated what my father might be going through. What kind of end-of-life contemplation hovered in his consciousness? It was no coincidence that I was reading The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, at that time. The book was spurring me on to evaluate my … Continue reading

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