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Can we Learn About Appropriate Expression from our Critters? Empathy, Authenticity, and Unconditional Love from a Canine Perspective

By Monica Nelson Our dog, Melanie, has a proclivity toward the men in our household. She belongs to our 13-year-old son and she fulfills the part well. About 10-20 minutes before he is to come home from school, she will jump up from her sleeping spot on the dog pillow strategically placed beneath our living room picture window and stand at attention in my office doorway. Nervously lifting her legs, one at a time, indicating suppression of her deep desire to jump up and down, she will whimper in ever increasing volume until I acknowledge her presence. As I turn to look at her, she will send out a small … Continue reading

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Where the Soul Lives

By Monica Nelson I am going to deviate just a little from my normal advice-type format to throw something at you that I have been kicking around for a while, and to ask a few questions of you. No, it’s not a test with one right answer, but I am asking you for your honest feedback. I’ll start with two radical concepts. Concept Number 1: We are not our bodies. Our body houses the essence of who we are. It is the vehicle through which we operate in a physical world. It is the instrument through which you express who you are at a given moment. Concept Number 2: We … Continue reading

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Life on Overwhelm? 6 Tips to Put Your Life Back On Course

By Monica Nelson We live in fast-moving times. Technology has grown faster in the last 100 years than it has in the entire course of prior human existence. What’s more, it seems to grow faster and faster. Along with this advance comes an ever-growing set of responsibilities and duties. It is not unusual to find yourself overwhelmed. When it seems like life is demanding too much of you, you can become paralyzed and ineffective at doing anything. Before that happens, take a moment to hone up on what you can do to avoid it. 1. Breathe. Stop for a moment and simply breathe. Deep, slow breaths. Breathing will allow you … Continue reading

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What Embarrassing Moments (and Your Response to Them) Tell Us About Ourselves

By Monica Nelson It’s one of those moments. Instant dread fills your heart, prickles of red burn in tiny pinpricks on your face, and you wish with all your might that you could reverse what just happened. Alas, you know better. You’ve just committed a faux pas – a blunder of magnanimous proportions (at least in your own mind). What comes next? How do you handle the moments, or even days, following such a lapse in apparently good judgment? When these situations happen to us, and they do happen, more than once in our lives, how people respond is a significant indicator of who they are as a person. In … Continue reading

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The Art of Transformation: 5 Absolute “Get Ready for Change” Musts

By Monica Nelson After a recent visit to the doctor for a physical, I was faced with a do or die decision. She had been telling me for a couple of years that I needed to stop ignoring my health, and make some changes. This time the numbers were too significant to ignore. She lectured me on the need to change my diet (lose weight) and start/maintain a consequential exercise program. It was too important to my quality of life to put aside any more. I had to make a transformation. Whether we face this kind of ultimatum, or we simply desire to make a change, transformation is necessary. It … Continue reading

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