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Make the Most of 2014 – Throw Your Old Way of Goal Setting in the Trash and Follow These Four Tips for Setting Goals

By Monica Nelson This is the time of year when I examine my essence. I become more aware of where I’ve been and where I’m going, who I am, and what I really want to be. As we approach the new year, I suspect that most people feel the same way. What I find interesting is that most people react to this conscious or subconscious soul examination by creating lofty goals: grow my business, find a new career, lose weight, find a soul mate, earn more money, etc. And for most people, those goals start out enthusiastically enough. We become fired up on January 1, making great inroads to our … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait for a Deathbed Realization – Live the Full Life Now

By Monica Nelson A couple years ago I received the call I had feared for years. My mother told me that my father was dying. He had been moved to a hospice the night before, but the doctors believed he would not stay long. His death was imminent. Could I come? As I packed up, ready to make the 500-mile trip to my childhood home, I contemplated what my father might be going through. What kind of end-of-life contemplation hovered in his consciousness? It was no coincidence that I was reading The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, at that time. The book was spurring me on to evaluate my … Continue reading

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Make the Season Last – Enjoy the Holiday Feeling All Year Long

By Monica Nelson I revel in the joys of the holiday season. No, it’s not the gifts that stir my internal celebration. It’s the feel. It seems everyone puts aside their angst and bitterness during these few short weeks of the year. The air is alive with cheer, hope, and happiness. This, in and of itself, makes the holidays a time to celebrate. But when the holidays end, we all go back to our grumpiness. Is it possible to get the feel of the holidays all year long? I pulled together a few of the characteristics that I have found make the holidays a bright and warm time. A time … Continue reading

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The How of Intuition – A Personal View

By Monica Nelson A few days ago, scientists at the University of Southern Denmark announced they had made what they call a surprising discovery. Professor Susanne Mandrup and her research group discovered that skin communicates with the liver. I’m no scientist. So I have to accept the experts’ explanation that this is truly a surprising discovery. But to me, it makes perfect sense. Although I have little scientific background, I have a keen interest in quantum physics and quantum entanglement. Although difficult to understand, I’ll do my best to give a short explanation. Quantum entanglement is a major principle of quantum physics. It says that a particle (a very tiny … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Intuition

By Monica Nelson It was a cold and snow-laden day in December when we met up with the real estate agent. We were moving to another state and knew little about the area we were moving into. As we drove to the location my husband had been given over the phone, he once again reminded me, Don’t say anything positive or negative, just be neutral, when we walk inside. I acknowledged my understanding of his analytical approach to house hunting. After all, it was a huge and life-changing decision we were making. I followed the agent inside, with my husband coming in behind us. As I set foot in the … Continue reading

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