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Double Your Problem-Solving Prowess by Using Both Imagery and Intuition

By Monica Nelson I’m a great believer in intuition. Our minds are capable of so much more than we give them credit for, and intuition is one of those capabilities. Science can not fully understand it, but people from all walks of life have sworn by its power and effectiveness down through the ages. The reason why I endorse it is because I have personal experience with it. I know that when I follow my intuition, I am better off. But I usually end up in trouble when I don’t follow it. Another great mind tool is imagery. Creative visualization has been used by many people to accomplish nearly impossible … Continue reading

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Defining Integrity, Your First Step to Developing More of It

By Monica Nelson If you’ve landed on this post, integrity is important to you. In business as well as in personal relationships, integrity has emerged as a major factor in developing relationships. And it’s no surprise. At no other time in history do we need integrity more. Corrupt political leaders, business scoundrels, Internet scams, you name it. The list is endless. In this post I will be talking about defining integrity. It is the first step to strengthening it. Integrity has two major components to it. The first component is a sense of wholeness. To be whole means that you have clearly defined what you stand for and that what … Continue reading

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When Closeness is Overwhelming; Healing the Fear of Emotional Intimacy

By Monica Nelson Kathy was a woman I met years ago when I was taking postgraduate courses. She was an attractive woman who drew people to herself like a magnet. She always had loving and caring words for people around her. Everyone felt the warmth of her glow. We became friends quickly. But like a floating ember from a campfire, the relationship burned brightly at first, then blew away to nothing in the wind. My friends, like most women friends, share a bond of emotional intimacy that lies at the heart of our relationships. We build our connections with feelings, emotions, and soul secrets. The vulnerability of these sentiments cement … Continue reading

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Creating Hope for a Full Life

By Monica Nelson Someone very close to me experienced a family tragedy that scarred him deeply. During this time of year, at the time of the event’s anniversary, he has a difficult time getting through his day. His outlook becomes black and despairing. He enters a hopeless state. Hopelessness can be described in many ways. Most often it refers to a feeling of inadequacy. Unable to do what needs to be done. A person feels lost, floating in time without purpose, optimism or motivation. Other ways to describe this state might be futility, despondency, or depression. Hope is a necessary ingredient to living a life of purpose. Without hope we … Continue reading

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