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Finding the Way to Forgiveness

By Monica Nelson Several months ago I went through one of those life defining experiences that grab you by the nape of the neck and shake every part of you. The incident not only took me by surprise, but was one in which I felt I was unjustly accused. One of a handful of incidents from a long life that will always be marked painful. It left me feeling alone and isolated. Though the incident involved my entire family, it felt very personal. Like every friend in my town (other than my immediate family) had united against me. Only a few people were directly involved in the violation, the rest … Continue reading

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To Navigate the Flow of Life, Let Go and Let God

By Monica Nelson Let go and let God. This is a saying that I cling to. In recent years, my life has become much more stressful and overwhelming than it ever has been. At times it is all I can do not to go running off into the sunset, arms raised in exasperation. I am, like many others, vulnerable to negative occurrences that cause us to give up hope and anticipate the worst. You and I are not completely to blame. The amygdala is an organ within each of us that triggers a reactive emotional response. Long, long ago, this was an important function of human life. Survival depended on … Continue reading

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The Two Paths of Rejected Love

By Monica Nelson I have a friend who tells the story of her parents. They were both very young and neither had experienced romantic love before. Having met on a blind date, they instantly and instinctively knew that they had met their soul mate. They married within two weeks of meeting because he was to go off to war. They remained married and happily in love until the day they died many years later. Fascinating, beautiful story. But one that is rare. The majority of us experience at least one rejection and that rejection generally cuts down to the bone. My own story is more common. I was into my … Continue reading

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Love, Truth, and an Absolute Need for Clear Perspective

By Monica Nelson I am always working on finding the truth. The truth to me is what is good and right. And it is not always what is obvious. Why is it so important to me to do this? People who know me well, think of me as a rather straight-laced, somewhat naive person. I tend to look for the positive in people, which has a tendency to bite me in my vulnerabilities more often than is comfortable. At the heart of my soul, I believe that people are basically good but often misguided individuals whose evil-leaning tendencies originate from a lack in their lives. Some lack more than others. … Continue reading

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