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Take a Moment to Sit in Love

By Monica Nelson About a year ago, I took my son to pick up his glasses at the optometrist. It had been an extremely hot and frustrating day. After a number of errands, this was our last and we wanted to get home. The optometrist’s counter was just inside the doctor’s office off to the left. The pathway toward the doctor’s office was at an angle that cut across the very small area in front of the counter. People were smashed against one another when we arrived. My son and I stood on the fringes waiting our turn. We moved side-to-side as people walked to and from the doctor’s intake … Continue reading

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Defining Right Action

By Monica Nelson The Meaning of Right Action I was reading one of the many older volumes of inspirational texts I own the other day. I came upon a paragraph suggesting keeping thoughts focused on virtuous thought patterns. There was a sequence of five or six, but the one that stood out to me was right action. I decided to do a search to find out exactly what right action is. The first Web entries referenced a song. Hmmm, I was hoping for a definition. After those entries, I came upon information about the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path. I have only a slight understanding of Buddhist philosophy, so I indulged … Continue reading

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Explosion or Expression, Anger Gone Wrong

By Monica Nelson Three years ago there was an incident that took place at Bellevue College in Washington state. Students in a classroom got into a verbal altercation during a video presentation in class. The verbal exchanges were fierce and escalated quickly. It ended when one of the students attacked the other with a knife. What is not surprising, and an ironic twist, is that the class the students were attending was an anger management class. Anger is an emotion. When we think of anger, we generally think of it as a negative emotion. But anger can be a healthful and positive emotion. It helps us diffuse a build-up of … Continue reading

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Change a Life – Your Call to Compassion in a Seven-Word Message

By Monica Nelson I read a story the other day that brought the sting to my eyes. Not only was it a story that I could completely relate to, but it was a story that would stand out regardless of the personal way in which it spoke to me. It has gone viral, so you’ve probably heard it by now. If not, I’ve referenced it from several sources: CNN, DailyMail-UK, CafeMom, MSN. I’ll briefly recap. A family was trying to have a meal out at a restaurant in North Carolina, when their 8-year-old special needs child started acting out because he was hungry and circumstances brought out his frustration. The … Continue reading

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The Need to Be

By Monica Nelson My family and I took a trip to Colorado this past holiday weekend. From where we live in Nebraska, it is about an 8- to 9-hour drive across the state on 80, then down 76 through eastern Colorado. Not the most scenic places in the US. We had to take the truck and a trailer because we were going to pick up a vehicle from family. The truck has no air conditioning, and it was a slow, hot drive. Not a favorite way to spend a day of my life. As we drove through sparsely populated countryside on isolated highway, wind in our hair, I sat back … Continue reading

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