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Three Forms of Mind Pictures, Harmful or Helpful?

By Monica Nelson Being a creative person has its ups and downs. But one of the problems I find in having a creative mind is the possibility for distraction. Our minds are amazing entities. They are capable of creating pictures and fantasies in great detail and intricacy. But are these mental images that we create harmful or helpful? I wanted to find out. I looked at three different forms of mind pictures to see whether I should indulge or not. Rumination Ruminating is generally a mental replay of a negative situation or circumstance. It is focusing on distressful past events that tend to develop more negativity. This type of mental … Continue reading

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Fake Smiles – An Outrage or Good Advertising Technique?

By Monica Nelson As a copywriter, I struggle at times with writing advertising copy. There is an ethics issue that resides in every piece of copy I write. And advice I give on writing that copy. For instance, I recently wrote Power Up Your Product Descriptions with Emotional Words  suggesting the use of emotional words to create more compelling copy, a common technique employed for that very thing. I initially questioned writing it, then once written, I questioned posting it. After thinking it through carefully though, I decided that it held more good than not. My conclusion was that the use of emotional words can help a consumer get in … Continue reading

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The Six Pillars of Character and Awkward Apology Letters

By Monica Nelson Our young son has been in his share of trouble. Mostly, at school, but other places too. As part of his discipline regimen, we (started by the school) have required him to write apology letters to the people he has hurt. The school on several occasions, when he seemed to care little for what was happening to him, added another consequence in the form of writing out the Six Pillars of Character. For those who are not familiar with these, they are Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship, along with a description of what each of those mean in terms of behavior. Over the years, we … Continue reading

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Life’s Illusion, and More Challenge From Linguistic Relativity

I love reading P.M.H. Atwater. She has some way-out-there kind of stuff, but stimulating. And thought provoking. As of late, I have been reading Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story. In the chapter on shifts in perception, she talks about Benjamin Lee Whorf and the question he posed many years ago: “Does the language we speak shape the way we think?” I find this question fascinating. As a writer, words are my bread-and-butter. They are the tools I use to communicate the message I want people to get. I am very careful when I choose my words, picking out the word with just the right inference. I have a synonym … Continue reading

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The Moral Obligation of Story

By Monica Nelson People have long been telling stories. Longer, in fact, than we have been writing. Story has been a part of our various cultures from the stone age. In my family, my dad was the storyteller. He loved to captivate the family with highlights of his life. I came to know these stories by heart. Through these stories I learned about life on the farm, the depression, a young Midwestern-born-and-raised man’s trip to Florida. I also came to know my father, his character and what was important to him. Story does not just entertain. It helps us define who we are. It dictates to a new generation acceptable … Continue reading

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Why is Good Character so Important?

By Monica Nelson If you are reading my posts with any regularity, you are getting a sense of how important I think character and building good character is. So I thought it was time to explain my reasons behind this philosophy. I hope that you, too, will see the importance of this purpose in your life. Life Growth If you strip away your home, your car, your belongings; if you strip away your achievements, your financial status, your standing in your community and the world; if you strip away your friends, your family, and your most trusted advisors, what you have left is the base or essence of who you … Continue reading

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