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Developing a True Empathy, Part 2

By Monica Nelson Continuing from Part 1, I had hit a brick wall creatively. In order to move forward, I had to dig a little deeper into my own empathy. I believe myself to be an empathic person. Being a highly sensitive person, all my life I’ve been forced into empathic situations. But my own empathy as it now stands was not enough to write with meaning. I began a quest to deepen my empathy. I hope that what I’ve learned will help you in your own quest at finding true empathy. From the People Polarity blog, I discovered the helplessness theory. The idea behind this theory is to “go … Continue reading

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Developing a True Empathy, Part 1

By Monica Nelson I looked at the clock. The digital dial read 2:58. I had just awakened from one of those dreams where you are trying to do a particular task and you can’t seem to get it done. I knew I had to complete the task ahead of me, but I would do part of it, then find myself off on some other distraction. I knew what kind of dream this was. It was not an intuitive or creative dream. It was a frustration dream. I even knew the frustration. I had been working diligently but fruitlessly over the last couple of weeks on my memoir. As of late, … Continue reading

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A Different Color of Love

By Monica Nelson Our son is adopted. And, as with many children who are adopted after trauma, he has a different set of issues to deal with than children born with healthy attachment. What these children and their families go through on a daily basis is largely misunderstood by the public at large. To learn more about attachment disorder and its affect on families, google “attachment disorder blog” and read the personal stories of these courageous families. * * * My life over the last 12 or 13 years has not been easy. It’s slid from not always easy but generally trending upward into gradually falling apart. This morning, as … Continue reading

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Psst – Want to Build Your Empathic Skills? Read Fiction

By Monica Nelson Creating empathy is a noble pursuit. It not only adds to your own character, it strengthens and makes for a more cohesive society. Business, too, has demonstrated the importance of adding empathy to its collective management skill set. The belief is widespread — empathy beats at the core of all that is good. There is no shortage of advice helping individuals create more empathy. If you google “How to build empathic skills,” you will get over 10 million results. And if you read that advice, you will find all kinds of helpful hints, exercises, and guidance for adding this important trait to your personality. The problem with … Continue reading

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